Jessica Lassiter

DPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

OCS - Orthopedic Certified Specialist

ATC - Certified Athletic Trainer





Jessica is an orthopedic physical therapist and an athletic trainer with a strong background in dance and dance rehabilitation.  She has worked with a variety of professional and pre-professional dancers, as well as patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders, chronic pain, and neurological issues.  


Jessica graduated with her Doctorate in physical therapy from Indiana University and her Master’s in Dance Science from Laban, London. Prior to that, she earned her first undergraduate degree in Ballet from Indiana University, where she studied under Violette Verdy and other distinguished professors. Her second undergraduate degree was in athletic training, which provided her with a background in sports medicine and experience working with division I athletes. She became a nationally Certified Athletic Trainer in 2004 and a licensed physical therapist in 2008.

Jessica is currently pursuing her advanced manual therapy certification through NAIOMT, is a certified Graston soft tissue mobilization technique provider, and an APTA credentialed Certified Orthopedic Specialist. 

Jessica is well-traveled and enjoys experiencing other cultures. She speaks some Russian and fluent French after spending a portion of her childhood in Africa and some time in Kazakhstan. She has returned to Africa as an adult to volunteer as an AIDS prevention educator and consult with local physical therapists. She also enjoys working with children and had the opportunity to incorporate her dance and physical therapy backgrounds while instructing a modified dance class for children with physical and mental disabilities at Maryland Youth Ballet from 2008-2010.


Since moving to NYC in 2010, Jessica has had the honor to work in a variety of clinics and settings that cater to performing artists, including professional ballet and modern dancers, musicians, Broadway performers, singers, puppeteers, and acrobats. She works with dancers of all ages and styles, recreational and professional athletes, as well as people of all different levels of function. She currently sees patients out of the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn and is available for home visits on a case by case basis.

Photo by Hope Youngblood

Photo by Hope Youngblood